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Discholars is a reaction to the modern world

Modern music often includes electronic elements, and Discholars offers tuition to make these skills available to more people.

Skills such as adaptability and creativity are what modern employers appreciate. Indeed, they are vital for managing change in our lives. Developing these skills is our focus.

We arrange electronic music tuition in Wellington, New Zealand. Our lessons are taught in schools, or one-on-one at home.

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Meet Discholars CEO and Founder,

Callum Campbell

Callum has varied experience in the music industry. He’s played in bands and performed solo, and he currently works part-time as an Accountant for Flying Nun Records.

He is also a graduate of Massey University’s Bachelor of Commercial Music, majoring in Music Industry. While there he was involved in developing the Something Something Music Club, including producing its live performance sessions.

Prior to his music career, Callum worked in the public sector. This transition from structure to independence was an inspiration for Discholars because it meant rediscovering his creativity. He found that this challenge built his confidence, which expanded into other areas of life too. This value is instilled in what Discholars is all about.