discover the magic of electronic music


Why electronic music?

The leading artists of today use electronic instruments and electronic music production. Indeed, electronic music drives the music world. But the magic behind how this music is made remains a mystery.

Discholars brings this magic into classrooms.


What we do

Discholars arranges electronic music tuition in Wellington, New Zealand. We give lessons in various electronic instruments, from Ableton controllers to CDjs. Our lessons are taught in schools, or one-on-one at home - whatever works for you! Let us know if you have a specific request.


why discholars?

We are experienced musicians of varying disciplines, including formal music education, looking to offer music tuition that is reflective of the modern world. Most importantly, our teachers have experience teaching people of all ages. Click here to find out more about our teachers.

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what we offer

We currently offer three services:

  • Workshops. These are ideal if you would like a taster

  • One-on-one. Our instruments are portable, so we can come to you!

  • School lessons. Book one of our teachers to give weekly lessons at your school


learning that inspires confidence and encourages creativity

To keep up with rapidly-changing technology, we need to be able to adapt confidently. Creativity is therefore more important than ever.

Electronic instruments are the perfect tools for improving these skills. They allow room to create and discover while using modern technology. Such skills never reach an expiry date.

At Discholars, we support learners to discover their own results. Click here to find out for yourself!